Welcome to Health Education and Promotion

Our Health Education and Promotion team, works collaboratively with on and off-campus stakeholders to create a community that supports student well-being.


Health Topics
hb-beer-mug1 We educate students on alcohol and other drugs, their effects and offer a non-judgmental platform for students to discuss harm reduction, safety strategies and supportive resources both on and off the Keel and Glendon campuses.
Picture1picture2 The Health Educators in the College act as a bridge between Health Education’s Health Topic Teams and Calumet and Stong Colleges. These students support the implementation of new health and wellness initiatives within the colleges while bringing comprehensive and diverse programs, games and events to Calumet and Stong Colleges.
Lime-green-ribbon We promote the mental health strategy for students, staff and faculty. We also provide engaging opportunities to de-stigmatize mental illness at York, access mental health resources on and off campus and develop strategies to help students cope with the current stress of being a student and future stress of being an engaged global citizen.
Apple We educate students on the basics of effective and safe food preparation and planning. We also offer fun and interactive strategies for eating healthy on a budget whether folks  are on campus or in the grocery store.
Condoms We educate students on the basic  of healthy relationships, sexual communication, reproductive health and more from a harm reduction and anti-oppression standpoint on both Keele and Glendon campuses. We offer non-judgmental spaces to discuss concerns related to one's sexual well-being and provide referrals to appropriate on and off campus supports and resources.