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Alcohol & Drug Jeopardy

I'll take "Inside the Trench coat" for 200 points. This interactive Jeopardy game is a fun way to encourage students to participate in teams and win fun prizes! The categories include: Rolling Stoned, Not As Think As You Drunk I Am, Word on the Street, Spin the Bottle, Got a Light, and Inside the Trench-coat.

Duration: 40 minutes

Our Teams

Active Living Team Active Living Team   Mental Health and Stress Mental Health and Stress
Alcohol and Other Drugs Team Alcohol and Other Drugs Team   Nutrition Team Nutrition Team
Glendon Team Glendon Team   Peer S.H.O.P Peer S.H.O.P
Health Education in Residence Health Education in Residence   Running Relief Running Relief
Leave the Pack Behind Leave the Pack Behind   Safe Source Safe Source
      Sexual Health Sexual Health

Updated on April 7th, 2014.