Welcome to Health Education and Promotion

Our Health Education and Promotion team, works collaboratively with on and off-campus stakeholders to create a community that supports student well-being.


hb-beer-mug1 The Alcohol and Other Drugs Team focuses on informing students about alcohol and other drugs. Specifically, this team educates students about alcohol serving sizes, the effects of alcohol consumption, the use of marijuana as well as the consumption of other drugs. They engage students via weekly walkabouts, tabling events and information presentations as well as through the serving of mocktails, a non-alcoholic party drink option.
Crest_Glendon_College The Glendon team acts as a bridge between Health Education’s Health Topic Teams and the Glendon campus. The team works with all of the other teams to bring comprehensive and diverse programs, games and events to the Glendon campus.
Picture1picture2 The Health Educators in the College act as a bridge between Health Education’s Health Topic Teams and Calumet and Stong Colleges. These students support the implementation of new health and wellness initiatives within the colleges while bringing comprehensive and diverse programs, games and events to Calumet and Stong Colleges.
pond The Health Educator in Residence representative is a Health Ed peer who lives in residence and is responsible for regular programming, promotion, and participation in health-related activities in their residence community. They act as a liaison between their residence and Health Education’s Health Topic Teams, seek out partnership opportunities with existing activities and events, support ongoing programs within their residence (e.g. Good Food Box) and regularly attend residence and college council meetings.The Health Ed in Residence works with dons, students and residence life staff to put on programs that fit student’s needs such as Tait in Rez.
LTPB_Logo1 Leave The Pack Behind (LTPB) is a comprehensive, age-tailored, tobacco control initiative for young adults in post-secondary campuses funded by the Government of Ontario. LTPB integrates cessation, protection, prevention and industry de-normalization activities to promote smoking cessation among occasional and regular smokers, protect non-smokers from second-hand smoke and expose tobacco industry tactics that keep people hooked on its products. We engage students on campus through several contests and fun, creative and interactive games.
Lime-green-ribbon The Mental Health and Stress Team raises awareness and provides education about mental health issues with an emphasis on de-stigmatizing mental illnesses and removing barriers to access mental health resources on and off campus. The team also provides education around the effects that stress has on student health and academic performance and educates around strategies that are known to support positive mental health and well-being.
Apple The Nutrition Team aims to let students know that they can eat healthy and feel great, even as a student on-campus! Through innovative campaigns such as Bring Your Lunch to School Day, presentations and interactive games the team encourages students to put thought into their food choices and look for inexpensive and healthy options.
Condoms The Sexual Health Team aims to provide sexual health education to the students of York University through various outlets such as video blogs, interactive games, presentations and workshops. The Sexual Health team focuses on diverse aspects of sexuality and sexual health such as contraceptives, healthy relationships, safer partying, sexually transmitted infections and sexual pleasure.