HealthEd Intros: Nutrition Team!

Hello YorkU students! We are the Nutrition Team and our focus over the course of the year will be on giving providing advice, tips, and resources for nutritious and healthy living. Over the course of the year we will focus on topics that are important to university students, such as:  the negatives about  diets, healthy eating on a budget, eating healthy at York and so much more! While our blogs will mostly focus on fun topics like fun facts about food, we will also discuss eating disorders and diets. We will also post many blogs on the different kinds of vegetarian diets and the kinds of foods that are important for people who follow these diets - everybody has different lifestyles, and it is important to address that!

And since our team is filled with people who love food....there will always be a short recipe provided which will be easy to prepare and delicious. We hope that throughout the year we can reach as many students as possible and write about topics that connect with student needs for nutrition, and healthy living, to make a change in the York University community!

Please check out the talented members of the Nutrition team on campus this year!

Written by: Rhea Lobo