Alcohol and Other Drugs Team

The Alcohol and Other Drugs Team focuses on informing students about alcohol and other drugs. Specifically this team educates students about alcohol serving sizes, the effects of alcohol consumption, the use of marijuana as well as the consumption of other drugs. They engage students via weekly walkabouts, tabling events and information presentations as well as through the serving of mocktails, a non-alcoholic party drink option.

Sarah Simpson-Team Lead


Hi I'm Sarah, one of the Team Leads of the Alcohol and Other Drugs Team! My major is Sexuality Studies and this year I am super excited to connect with the York community about safer partying, harm reduction and healthy living.







Kyle Michaels- Team Lead


Hey, my name is Kyle and I'm one of the Team Leads of the Alcohol & Other Drugs Team. I'm going into my last year with the English program, but don't worry, I'm not an adult yet.








Alexandra Lopez 


My name is Alexandra Lopez and this is my second year as an international student in the Psychology program. I am a volunteer for the Alcohol & Other Drugs Team, and am looking forward to meeting and working with the entire team and York community.







Janani Kodeeswaran 


My name is Janani Kodeeswaran and I am going into my third year of Kinesiology! I am thrilled to be a part of the Alcohol & Other Drugs Team this year, and I cannot wait to promote awareness through interactive and fun events!







Bipandeep Dhillon


Hello everyone, my name is Bipandeep Dhillon and I am a volunteer on the Alcohol & Other Drugs Team. My major is Kinesiology and I can't wait to start this upcoming school year with Health Ed!








Palbi Sharma Bhargava


Hi, my name is Palbi, I’m a BSc Psychology student and a member of the Alcohol and Other Drugs Team! I’m looking forward to being a part of the Health Education and Promotion Team and helping to make a difference amongst the York community.






Arvin Ardakani    


Hi, My name is Arvin and I’m a member of the Alcohol & Other Drugs Team. I am so thrilled to start this year with everyone and if you hear from me, this is going to be an awesome year!




Khalad Maliyar

Khalad-Maliyar-Alc.jpgHey, my name is Khalad Maliyar and I’m a third year Kinesiology and Health Science student. I am very excited to be a part of the Alcohol & Other drugs Team and I'm really excited to promote and help raise awareness about the issues surrounding alcohol and drugs.