Leave the Pack Behind Team

Leave The Pack Behind (LTPB) is a comprehensive, age-tailored, tobacco control initiative for young adults in post-secondary campuses funded by the Government of Ontario. LTPB integrates cessation, protection, prevention and industry de-normalization activities to promote smoking cessation among occasional and regular smokers, protect non-smokers from second-hand smoke and expose tobacco industry tactics that keep people hooked on its products. We engage students on campus through several contests and fun, creative and interactive games.

Meet the Keele Team

Eileen Bang- Keele Campus Program Coordinator


Hi there, my name’s Eileen Bang and I’m the Team Lead of Leave The Pack Behind Team on the Keele Campus. This is my second year studying Kinesiology and I look forward to spreading awareness amongst the student body of York University!





Arefeh Valaei- Communications Team Member


Hi there, I’m Arefeh and I am a member of the Leave The Pack Behind Team on the Keele Campus. I’m a fourth year Kinesiology student who’s very passionate about living a healthy lifestyle and this year I am looking forward to spreading awareness about smoking and helping to create a smoke-free York.







Bhana Elias- Communications Team Member


Hey, my name is Bhana Elias and I am a Peer Health Educator on the Leave The Pack Behind Team. I'm in my third year studying Business and Society and this coming year I'm looking forward to helping make York a healthier place, as well as connecting with the York community.







Kelly Chen- Communications Team Member


Hi, my name is Kelly and this is my third year on Health Ed and I'm thrilled to be on the Leave The Pack Behind Team! I’m excited to motivate all my friends at York to lead a healthier lifestyle - look out for the “Would U Rather" contest and I challenge YOU to take part!





Meet the Glendon Team

Shannon McCormack- Communications Team Member


Hey y’all, my name is Shannon and I am a fourth year Glendon student studying Sociology, French Studies and Education! This 2015-2016 school year I will be the Team Lead for Leave The Pack Behind at Glendon and I am super stocked to reach out to as many students as possible on both campuses!





Jennifer Cote- Communications Team Member

Jennifer-Cote-LTPB-Glendon.jpgHi, I'm Jennifer Cote, a fourth year International Studies major, History minor student at Glendon! I'm very excited to connect with York students at Glendon through Leave The Pack Behind, to help students learn more about healthy living.