Nutrition Team

The Nutrition Team aims to let students know that they can eat healthy and feel great, even as a student on-campus! Through innovative campaigns such as Bring Your Lunch to School Day, presentations and interactive games the team encourages students to put thought into their food choices and look for inexpensive and healthy options.

Tigist Wane- Team Lead


Hey, my name is Tiggy and I'm in my 3rd year majoring in Biology. I'm one of the Team Leads of the Nutrition Team, and I look forward to collaborating with my team and discovering new ways to bring health to York this year!




Rhea Lobo- Team Lead


My name is Rhea Lobo and I am currently a third year BBA with the Schulich School of Business.  I am one of the Team Leads for the Nutrition Team and I am very excited for the opportunity to promote healthy living in my school community.






Winnie Yu  


Hello, my name is Winnie Yu and I am currently a second year Kinesiology and Health Sciences student. I am super excited to be part of the Nutrition Team this year and cannot wait to share healthy eating tips to motivate everyone to live a healthy lifestyle both on and off campus.






Habbiba Ahmed 

Habbiba-Ahmed-Nutrition.jpgHi, my name is Habbiba and I'm really excited to be a part of the Nutrition Team this year! I'm in my second year of Kinesiology & Health Sciences and I look forward to meeting all of you and making nutrition fun!





Linda Matarazzo 


Hi, I’m Linda Matarazzo a Kinesiology and Health Science student in my fourth year. As a new member of the Nutrition Team, I really look forward to meeting new people and above all, being able to promote a healthy and happy lifestyle!