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Health Education and Promotion offers education around the following topics:

  • Sexual Health
  • Alcohol, Cannabis and Other Drugs
  • Mental Health 
  • Nutrition

We are also available for your event! We offer a variety of workshops, and interactive activities. Listed below are the programs and a quick summary on what to expect.

If you are interested in booking Health Ed, please fill out a request form at least one week in advance, to ensure that our team is available on your preferred date and time.

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Workshops Description
Sexual Health Health Ed offers a safe space to allow for non-judgemental discussions around sexual health and well-being. We educate students on healthy relationships, sexual communication, and reproductive health with an anti-oppressive approach. Information is provided to students regarding supportive on and off campus resources and services.
Plan Your Night In conjunction with Sexual Health, this workshop promotes safe partying through fun and lighthearted activities and scenarios, while learning how to maximize fun and minimize potential risk if choosing to drink, use drugs or have sex.
Sex On the Couch This workshop is all about Questions from the Hat”. Everyone is welcome to come and discuss questions about sexual health, sexuality, relationships, birth control, sexually transmitted infections, and other unknowns!  A professional health educator will encourage participants to put their questions in a hat to provide a safe, inclusive and anonymous space during the discussions.
Nutrition Health Ed supports students in building a healthy relationship with food by providing information through fun, interactive programming. Eating with a budget on or off campus, nutrition label reading, and nutritional facts are a few things we look to educate students about. We also bring awareness to healthier meal options and best practices with food.
Feed Your Head


Eating healthy whether you are in residence or a commuter student can seem challenging and expensive but it doesn’t have to be! Through interactive and practical activities students will learn how to meal plan, use food labels to make healthier and $$ friendly food choices that can keep you full and energized all day, even if you don’t have a fridge! This workshop is in collaboration with Learning Skills Services: Passport to Success. Attending this workshop will be counted into your Passport to Success. Click on here to find out when and where this presentation will take place.
Healthy Plate This program provides students with tactical skills on how to create healthy and individualized meal plans. Canada’s Food Guide’s recommendation for a balanced meal is visually represented on a plate.
Mental Health Health Ed provides students with the opportunity to learn more about mental health and well-being through our interactive and educational programming. A few key objectives include, de-stigmatizing mental illness and highlighting strategies to cope with various stressors students commonly face. We look to support York University through connecting community members with on-campus resources and services at Keele and Glendon, as well as off-campus.
Sleep On It


Why do we so often resist sleep when it is actually a great study hack? The ‘Sleep on It’ workshop explores how the different stages of sleep contribute to memory consolidation & improved academic performance. This workshop identifies common factors that affect the quality & amount of sleep we receive. In addition, our presenters outline the importance of setting a bedtime routine and suggest helpful ways to wind down before going to sleep. We dare you not to doze off! This workshop is in collaboration with Learning Skills Services: Passport to Success. Attending this workshop will be counted into your Passport to Success. Click on here to find out when and where this presentation will take place.
Stressbusters We bring the resources and while YU bust your stress! These interactive activities can be requested with any of our other programming and not on their own. Stressbusters provides your event with varying stress-busting activities.
Mindful Jeopardy This jeopardy-style activity offers facts about five categories; Stigma, Self-Care, Stress at York, Sleep, and Mental Health. This information is quick to deliver, easy to digest, and opens up the conversation around how can we improve our well-being and understanding of mental health issues alike.
5 Ways of Wellbeing This workshop focuses on York University’s #YUMentalHealth initiative. The focus of this workshop is to have students develop an understanding about the 5 Ways and create ways on how they can apply into their everyday life. Click here to learn more about the 5 Ways of Wellbeing.
Mental Health and Wellness At York York University’s Mental Health Strategy advocates to build capacity to support York University community members in mental wellness through training and education. Click here to learn more about the trainings offered.

NOTE: this is free for all of York University’s students, faculty and staff.

ALCOHOL, CANNABIS AND OTHER DRUGS Health Ed discusses the facts around the use and effects of alcohol, cannabis and other drugs to encourage students to make informed decisions. With a harm-reduction approach, we educate students on safety strategies and connect them with supportive resources on and off campus.
Fatal Vision Goggles: When worn, the eyewear distorts vision to mimic the effects of alcohol or cannabis. This allows participants to learn about the effects of consuming these substances at various levels (blood alcohol) or at all, through experiencing visual impact. These goggles are used in conjunction with a task such as walking a short distance or drawing through a maze.
Plan Your Night (collaborative with Sexual Health): Let's talk sex, drugs and rock and roll!  Through fun and lighthearted activities and scenarios, students will learn how to maximize fun and minimize potential risk if choosing to drink, use drugs or have sex! Students will also discuss how these strategies could be applied to their friends when going out as a group.
Mind Your Method: This program asks students to explore their perceptions and knowledge of the different methods of smoking cannabis. It also provides information about which methods of smoking cannabis are least and most harmful..
Cannabis Information Tabling: Visual display boards educate students about the specifics of legalization and lower risk cannabis use strategies. They also explore the potential short, mid, and long-term impacts and risks from cannabis use.
General Health and Wellness:
One-on-One Meeting with a Professional Health Educator Have a health question or concern and not sure where to turn? Students can book a one-on-one meeting with one of our on-site staff health educators. We are more than happy to meet with you, offer an open and non-judgmental ear and link that student to any and all resources (on or off-campus) they feel would meet their needs. Professional Health Educators have expertise on substance use, mental health, nutrition, sexual health and smoking cessation.  Please note that our Professional Health Educators do not offer counselling services. If you are looking for Student Counselling & Development, CLICK HERE