Cannabis Legalization

Are You Using Cannabis?

3 Factors to Consider:

  1. DOSAGE - We recommend that you go low and slow. This means start with a low dose and see how you feel before doing anymore.
  2. SELF AWARENESS - Be mindful that your response may look different from someone else's.
  3. MENTAL HEALTH - Be mindful of your mental health before, during and after use.

How to Lower the Health Risks of Cannabis Use:

  • Delay use until adulthood.*
  • Minimize frequency of use.
  • Avoid smoking cannabis with tobacco and avoid deep inhalation and breath holding.
  • Refrain from using with alcohol.
  • Do not drive while under the influence.

*Studies indicate the brain is not fully developed until the age of 25. Early use of cannabis can impact brain development.


More information on edible cannabis, topical cannabis and cannabis extracts

York University has developed a resource to provide more information about different methods of cannabis use and safer use tips.

Cannabis at York University

For York University's position on the use of cannabis, its effects, and common FAQ., please see Cannabis at York University: What You Need to Know.

Looking for More?

The government of Canada has a detailed website describing the health effects of cannabis use.

York University Programming

Our Programs

Health Education and Promotion is also available to answer your questions. We offer a variety of workshops, and interactive activities. Listed below are the programs and a quick summary about what to expect.

Mind Your Method

This program asks students to explore their perceptions and knowledge of the different methods of smoking cannabis.  It also provides information about which methods of smoking cannabis are least and most harmful.

Cannabis Information Tabling

Visual display boards educate students about the specifics of legalization and lower risk cannabis use strategies. They also explore the potential short, mid, and long-term impacts and risks from cannabis use.

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